How much $ do you need up front-Buying and renting

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Rentals will have an application fee; you should be able to see the financial requirements before you submit. Typical requirements are for gross income 3 X the rent and a minimum credit score. Once accepted, you will need to produce the security deposit/reservation funds and before you move in, supply the first months rent.

Initial costs for the buyer: the first cost may be Earnest money to prove to the seller that you are a serious buyer. This goes with the offer. Then, when the offer is accepted you may want to order a home inspection.

Home buyers should be pre-qualified for a mortgage loan before beginning a home search. Pre-qualification makes the offer to purchase and final approval process quicker. Once an offer is accepted, provide the lender with a copy of the contract for their estimate of closing costs. These will include your down payment - the lender will be able to tell you minimum requirements

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